Brand appearance

Complex task? Clearly: a job for us.

When XCCELO contacted us, there was only a logo for corporate communications, two defined colors and an upcoming trade show, so we had to move fast. We accepted the timing challenge and used the existing fragments to develop a comprehensive brand appearance: corporate design, product name, brochures, the website and many more marketing materials That was the starting point for a very special brand in a very special niche.

XCCELO develops and sells digital systems for access control and time registration. The company is going new ways while doing so: open interfaces, web-based interfaces and a barrier-free design enhance the efficiency with the initial installation and future use.

When a company develops a complex product, that makes everything easier for their target audience, it’s self-explanatory that the communication should speak a clear and simple language. We accepted the challenge and used the existing elements – up to now just a logo and two main colors – as a starting point for executing the first comprehensive communication concept in the company’s history.

First we created a corporate design concept that created substance over all products. Then we translated it into a variety of different communication materials. At the same time we developed product names and a fully responsive website that made all content easily experienceable thanks to a clear information architecture.

Illustrations that illustrate things

Excellent infographics can be identified that they quickly communicate through their visual appearance and quickly get to the point – the message should be clear on the first view.

If there’s much to be told, structure is required.

We took the entire variety of products from XCCELO and created a comprehensible overview across all media for the customers.

From the first step to the last questions

We displayed all relevant aspects in different brochures: from the product presentation to the assembly instruction…

… to the data sheet and the press kit.


Communication tools
Months of development
Communication tools
Months of development


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